Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If you were to leave home for 27 months...

and you could only take one (or two) books with you, what would you bring?

It is my understanding that I will likely encounter reading material overseas, but what is the book you would really want to make sure you had? Is it an old favorite, that you could reread over and over? Perhaps, it's a book that's been on your shelf for years and you haven't had the time to tackle it? Or maybe something really dense that would require careful study and rereading?

I'm curious to know your personal response, but I am also looking for suggestions. Or, if you have/are serving, what book did you bring or discover that kept you going?


Janis said...

I think I mostly took reference books when I headed to Japan (JET programme). Mostly Japanese and kanji dictionaries. I bought books in English from stores in Tokyo or relatives sent me some to read. A friend of mine has just gone to Korea to teach English and her solution was to get a Kindle, so she wouldn't have to choose. :) I think if I had to choose one, it might be Dune.

Lisa said...

I will most likely be bringing reference books, for sure. I never thought of getting a Kindle/other e-book reader. There is a lot to be said about the convenience of the digital age!

In any case, holding a good book in your hands can't be beat.

I have never read Dune, but I've heard many good things about it.

Reena said...

I would take Interpertor of Maladies, because it's several stories, thin, and I feel personally collected to it. I love rereading the Green Mile, but that's a huge book! Maybe if I were going on a journey like you are, I would take something inspirational - like the bible, or a book of key verses that I find inspirational. When I was going through my rough times at work, I created word documents with such verses and put them up in my cubicle.

Lisa said...

Ooh, Interpreter of Maladies was a good book!

I will have a difficult time picking what to bring, but I will most certainly bring the smallest legible copy of the Bible I can find. If I read a chapter a day I still wouldn't get through it during my time in Morocco.

gold-dragontsu said...

Not being much of a reader, I'd probably bring either my copy of the Liber Usualis or the Graduale Romanum. If I had to pick between those two, I'd pick the Graduale since it's current (the Liber essentially went out of date after Vatican Council II). I'd probably also consider bringing a copy of the Bible.... or just a plain, empty notebook. :}

If I had to make suggestions based on the above, I'd pick the latter two. I'm guessing you would not be interested enough in the former two to warrant bringing them on a 27 month outing.


Lisa said...

I'm not Catholic, so I had to look up information on the first two tomes mentioned. ;) I would like to take a look at those at some point.
The Bible and notebook will definitely be included on my list of what to bring.

I'm sure I will (and hope to) learn more about Islam during my stay.

kidkelp said...

umm.. what about something fun and adventure related? Like Shantaram.. and amazing novel that will keep you company!

have fun!

Lisa said...


I hadn't heard of Shantaram until you introduced me to it. It does look like an adventurous read. I will have to pick it up sometime!