Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is this really the beginning of something?

By starting this journal I'm admitting that I may be a Peace Corps Volunteer in the near future.

I wasn't able to admit to this too easily. I didn't want to get up a hope in something that wouldn't happen. However, I don't believe it is wrong to hope. I don't believe it is wrong to hope for something and then receive a different, perhaps better or more challenging reality than I had originally hoped for.

In any case, this is the beginning of a journal. How long it lasts is not determined, or important.

Here is my Peace Corps application timeline to this point in time (as best as can be recreated):

Mid-November, 2007: Went to first Peace Corps informational meeting, started to consider the PC more seriously

January, 2008: Started filling out application

February 20-something, 2008: Finished application

March 3: Interview

March 5: Nomination to go to Morocco or Jordan to work with artisans

March 7: Medical Kit mailed from D.C.

April 15: Sent in completed medical forms (Yes, it was a lot of work to get this done in just over a month!)

April 29: Dental cleared, undergoing Medical review, needed extra test/information from physicians

May 20, 2008: Medically cleared, limited to countries that can handle my medical conditions--Morocco/Jordan still a possibility, checking with in-country PC staff

And that is where I am today!

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