Friday, October 10, 2008

There might be a reason why "rain" and "Winter" are the same word

This week has been back to technical training. I haven't had too much to report on it here, since it is more for me than for you all. I did want to show off my henna hands. A friend of my host mom's came over the day after l'3id (holiday) and did my hands and the hands of both of the little girls. When all the female trainees got back together we all compared our henna. Although tastes may differ, I'm happy not having been given dark henna feet.

It has been rainy off and on all week, gradually getting colder. My CBT site is more up in the mountains than where we are this week, so I'm expecting frigid conditions. I'm breaking out the long underwear earlier than I thought I would.

I'm keeping this entry brief, I apologize, but I need to finish repacking tonight. We are leaving tomorrow morning and I'll rejoin my family for another three weeks. Honestly, at the end of this week I am missing them much. My host mom's cooking is wonderful! (and so is my real mom's cooking, love you mom!)


(edit: sorry about that, the picture wasn't uploading correctly)


barbie said...

Lisa: Thank you for the compliment, but you are a much more creative cook than I'll ever be--I don't have the time to devote to cooking/baking. I'm glad that your host mom is a good cook. Have a great thre weeks with your host family. Love, M

Marcella said...

Lisa the henna is beautiful! I'm envious of your pretty palms ;)

Reena said...

Love the henna! I a bit jealous too because I haven't had a decent henna job... I tried it myself one and it did not turn out to well!

Loda said...

remember when we tried to do henna? That looks a lot better than ours!

Lisa said...

Mom- but you have to love your mom's cooking, nothing beats home!

Marcella- Thank you! The photo was taken about a week after I had my hands done, I like the light warm color.

Reena- Try again! Or find professionals, that's how I got mine so nice ;)

Loda- This is a professional! It is amazing how fast she did the designs, with hardly a thought, just whipping them out. I was amazed.