Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ticket booked!

24 days from now I'll be getting on a plane to the orientation event, and then on to Morocco. I booked my flight yesterday.

Currently, my belongings are in complete disarray as I am trying to manage getting back from vacation and trying to start gathering the few select items I'll be taking with me. Packing seems daunting right now, but my goal is to work on that before the last minute. So, here's to hoping the deluge now will lead to less hectic days closer to my departure.

I've gotten more information, papers, booklets and forms via mail and email over the last few days (my staging packet did come while I was gone!) from the Peace Corps Morocco desk. So far I will say that I feel they have been very good about giving information, while not to the extent that it overwhelms and causes panic. Of course, we shall see how prepared I feel once I am in training and service, but it seems like they are trying their best to walk you through everything.

To the right of the blog entries I've added a slideshow of my Flickr account, which right now is showing photos I've taken thus far. Shortly, they should include photos from Morocco. Stay tuned.

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Lincoln Writer said...

Hi, Lisa ... just found your blog. I'll be in your staging group, though I'm in Youth Development rather than SBD. Look forward to meeting you!

Books ... I'm bringing more than what's recommended, and having some shipped later ... we'll have to do some trading.

And ... I got those random Application Status Updates too. Weird.