Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Made it to North Africa!

Travel went fairly well this long long day that started Monday morning. Of course, sleeping on a plane isn't really sleeping--there was no way to get comfortable. I am still wearing the same clothes as from yesterday as well, just in case you were curious.

But now we are at the hotel in Morocco. I am currently sitting outside in a wi-fi zone on the top floor. The city below is full of sounds of honking horns and activity. A mosque is not far and squarely in front of my view. There is an excellent cool breeze up here which balances out the heat of the sun that feels somehow turned up to a higher intensity. Fortunately the humidity is fairly low right now. It is slowly hitting me that we are no longer in America.

The rest of the afternoon and night we are to stay put. Tomorrow we will get more information and may be eventually allowed to explore some of the city.

I will be here for a few days so please feel free to try to contact me via the internet while I still have easy access!

edit: Just a reminder that we are arriving in Morocco in the middle of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting from food, drink (including water), smoking, sex, etc., during the daylight hours. I am amazed at all the help we have been getting from all the Moroccans during this time, particularly those who are serving food. I'm sure I am seeing a different Morocco during Ramadan than I would see during the other months.
Of course it would be madness for me to try fasting right now considering everything else my body is currently going through (right now a case of jet-lag...with promises of soon to be more exciting challenges). Maybe next year I will try. I am interested in the discipline required to go through fasting, but I would never put my health seriously in jeopardy. I have a year to think it over.


Janis said...

Good to know you made it! I look forward to seeing what pictures you take while in Africa. :)

Marcella said...

YEAH!!! You made it!

May you find internet access readily avaliable and always a cooling breeze in your travels!

barbie said...

Glad your traveling went as well as can be expected. Enjoy your down time. Sounds like the weather is just about perfect. Today the high is to reach 70--it's a little cool, but feels real good--wouldn't want to go swimming in an outdoor pool today. Later. Love, M

Raichel said...

Its nice that they're giving you a day to recover. I always feel like I need one after an overseas flight, but I'm never lucky enough to have one. :) While flipping channels last night I found a travel show on PBS about southern Spain and Morocco! Crazy coincidence, huh? Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

Lisa said...

janis- definitely keep an eye on my flickr account!

marcella- I'm not sure I will always get either, but I appreciate your well-wishes. I miss you all back in the office!

M- At least St. Louis isn't doing too bad. Swimming season is over!

raichel- Did you watch the program? Was it interesting? Maybe we could compare notes.
The only thing about having this downtime is that I really want to sleep, but I want to get over jet-lag, and thus am trying to stay awake until tonight. Such trials! ;)

Lisa said...


Thank God you arrived safely in Africa.

I was at WU for 2 1/2 hours today working on a new cell site at the baseball field. I thought about you. I was sad to think that you were not there. One more place to miss you.

I am excited about your adventure. Take lots of pictures.



Lisa said...

Mom and I went to swim gym. It was good to get a workout after work. The air was cool when we came out of class. We are feeling fall in the air. Your weather sounds ideal.
Love, poppy
PS: I just realized I am logged on as Barbie, so you will have to sort it out on your end who is whom.

Lisa said...

Oops, I mean I am logged on as Lisa. poppy

Kimberly said...

Lisa! I've been thinking about you all day! I'm glad to hear you made it okay. I can't wait for a chance to see your pictures!


gold-dragontsu said...

Hi Lisa,

I am enjoying reading the descriptive updates/recaps. Interesting stuff. Hopefully the jet lag won't last too long!

The fasting of Ramadan sounds quite strict. My only point of reference is the one-day Catholic fasts on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, but the rules are much less stringent. Perhaps you could take up a partial fast next year if conditions don't allow for following all of the requirements. I think I could keep up with those requirements for a little while, but I don't know if I could go for an entire month on so little food/water... at least, not with my current lifestyle. Maybe that's the point, though.

You are in my prayers!
~Gold Dragon

Lisa said...

Dad- be sure to log out of my account. I forgot to do that on the desktop before I left.

Kimberly- Hey! I am also on Skype sometimes, so keep an eye out. But also be sure to check you my flickr account to see photos.

GD- I think I may do as you suggest, and do a half-fast. This of course is far into my current future as I have much to go through this year.
I have never really fasted before. I think it may be a little easier to do if everyone else is doing it too.

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