Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wake up

Last night I spent some time with my family, specifically my brothers. We were sitting in my brother's, Bryan's, room, along with my other brother, John. We were just talking. Suddenly, I realized the show on the television sounded both surprising and familiar.

"That is just the way the call to prayer sounded!" I said.

"Oh yeah?" Bryan responds.

Then I opened my eyes. The sound wasn't on the television, it was outside my window at 4:30am.


Oh, that's right, I'm not at home.

I think this is something that is going to slowly dawn on me over a period of time. Even though I think I've accepted (and am excited) about this new change for the next two years, of course I am going to miss home and everyone there.

And a week from today I will be living with a new family.


vgamer282 said...

Ahhh, tricky dreams. That's probably a pretty normal thing. After your settings have changed so drastically, must just be your mind's way of reverting back to normalcy.

barbie said...

Maybe you just miss all the noise your brothers make at 4:30 in the morning. We miss you. Love, M

Raichel said...

I dreamt about the fearsomes the other night. I think I was spoiled by the amount of time we've all been spending together in the last month. :)
Saw your picture of laundry... sounds more like India than I thought it would!

Lisa said...

vgamer- Yeah, that sounds about right

barbie- I guess I'm right at home here!

raichel- We did get spoiled. Treasure those moments! Shower the people you love with love!
Yeah, laundry is done all by hand. Maybe I'll develop a new appreciation for the washer, or just wrinkled fingers. Either way.

Raichel said...

i've read some people are having trouble accessing their gmail over there. are you?

Lisa said...

Raichel- No, I haven't had a problem as far as I know.

Raichel said...

Ok. Good to hear! :)